Frank Sinatra

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  • Published : May 22, 2005
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Before Tim McGraw, Led Zeppelin, and even before Elvis Presley there was Frank Sinatra. The man some say "held the patent for the popular song". During his career Ol' Blue Eyes had cut some 1,800 recordings, gathered nine Grammys, and was considered by many critics to be the preeminent singer of this century (CNN, N.Pag). Durring his long career he became on e of the most successful pop music figures of the century. Sinatra's sophisticated musicianship was evident in his many recordings. (Columbia Encyclopedia). blah blah blah…. Frank Sinatra was born in Hoboken, New Jersey on December 12th 1915. (Encyclopedia Americana) He made it through Junior High school but only lasted forty-seven days in senior high. This could be partly due to his attitude toward school, Frank was quoted saying: "To my crowd, school was very uninteresting, and homework was something we never bothered with. The few times we attended class we, we were rowdy. So it isn't surprising that a bunch of us were expelled." (Madigon 148) After dropping out of high school, Frank Sinatra got his first big break in the music industry with Major Boes and his "Amateur Hour" in 1935, singing in a group called the Hoboken Four. Four years later in 1939, Frank Sinatra got his first radio play on a station out of New York, WNEW. (enc world bio) After having his first Radio play, Frank Sinatra was ready to go after "the big guys". In 1939 He went after big-band leader Harry James, Taking note of Sinatra's slim build and huge ego, James remarked, "He considers himself the greatest vocalist in the business. Get that! No one's ever heard of him! He's never had a hit record, and he looks like a wet rag, but he says he's the greatest" (CNN, N.Pag). He then signed with Harry James for $75 a week. After seven months with Harry James, Frank Sinatra joined Tommy Dorsey and his orchestra (Enc world bio). With Tommy Dorsey, Frank's singing career began to skyrocket, with the Dorsey band he had his first big hits,...
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