Four Functions of Management

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Running head: The Four Functions of Management

The Four Functions of Management
Anita Miller
University of Phoenix

The four functions of management are planning, organizing, leading and controlling. These functions are essential in building strong organizations and strong effective teams. Planning, organizing, leading and controlling are the functions of management. These activates must be performed by all managers regardless of their level or title. The four skills are used whenever a task is at hand. Even in the health care field you will find the four functions of management have been used. You may have been on a team and that has been lead by the functions of management and not even known it.

The Four Functions of Management
Henri Fayol, was a French engineer and director of mines, when he retired he published his work a comprehensive theory of administration it was described and classified as administrative management processes and roles it was later recognized and referenced by others in the management filed. (Jarvis, 2005) Planning Planning is the process used by managers to identify and select goals and set a course of action. There are three steps to good planning. They include Goal setting which goals should be set. How the goals should be attained. Planning is the basic function of management. (Rane, 2007) Planning is ongoing and ever changing. Sometimes plans have to be changed due to economic or unforeseen circumstances. In the home health care industry planning is done by the nurse who goes into the home and evaluates the client for the type of services that are need along with the hours it takes to complete the service.


Organizing is the second function of management. All management must organize its resources in order to bring forth the course of...
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