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Renewable Energy
Promise of a Better Future
Professor Brabson
SCI 110
Lanette Campos
October 28, 2012

Energy plays a central role in modern world and it would not be wrong to say that it drives our lives. Now, it can be easily noticed that due to industrial development, the demand for energy is increasing at an alarming rate and because of this increased requirement, the key sources of energy means; fossil fuels are being depleted in a rapid mode which reflects that we need to concentrate over alternative sources of energy that could also prove to be eco-friendly. But, before discussing that it should be better to have an idea about the current scenario and where we are standing today in context of availability of energy resources. At present, approximately 80 percent of the energy used by us is supplied via fossil fuels which are called non-renewable energy sources because; their rate of formation is significantly slower than their rate of consumption. It might be understood via taking the example of manufacturing procedure of various fossil fuels. How Fossil fuels are produced:

The three most frequent fossil fuels represent the three states of matter as; Coal is solid, Crude oil is liquid and Natural gas is gas. These might be refined further for the production of their byproducts for instance; tar, petrol, butane, and methanol etc. Their manufacturing process can be understood as follows: Crude Oil

Because of its versatility as well as ease of extraction and transportation, oil could be termed as; number one fossil fuel. It is a combustible thick, black liquid hydrocarbon which is formed within the earth crust because of millions of years of decomposition (under high pressures and temperatures) of plant and animal matter (Cleveland, 1992). Coal

Coal can be defined as; the most abundant as well as cheapest available fossil fuel of planet Earth and it is formed via ferns, plants and swamp remains that died and initiated to decay at the bottom of lakes and marshes. Because of decomposition of these lifeless organic plants, formation of peat occurred initially and further as a consequence of high temperature and pressure, this peat converted into the coal. After all, coal formation also takes millions of years like crude oil. Natural Gas

It can also be called as; a mixture of diverse hydrocarbon gases, but the key ingredient in it is methane which is a colorless, odorless and tasteless gas. By nature, it’s a highly flammable gaseous hydrocarbon which can be generated with coal (because of decomposition of plant and animal matter) so; its production process is also lengthy like coal (Cleveland, 1992). From above mentioned text, it can be understood that production of fossil fuel takes a long time so, their availability is very limited, but except it there are other disadvantages too which are associated with fossil fuels and can be defined as below:

Fossil fuels: Cons
Though, the technology we apply to strap up the energy in fossil fuels is well developed as; these are being used to power the world for many decades, but according to the “U.S. Department of Energy”, if we are willing to continue the current rate of consumption of fossil fuels (that is, 80 percent of total energy use approximately) then there would be need to tap existing as well as novel reserves of them (Odum, 1973). Since; fossil fuels could be found merely deep within the earth's shell so; such excavating and oil drilling can be called an expensive effort which demands proper infrastructure, skilled personnel as well as long-term planning and research. Besides, clean-burning coal technique can also be employed only in presence of proper technological frame work which needs additional investment thus; adds in expenses (Odum, 1973). Environmental Impact

The major drawback associated with fossil fuels is their adverse impact on environment which might be caused during their extraction as well as application. In fact,...
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