Forensic Psychology Aids in a Conviction on Behalf of Elizabeth Smart

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  • Published : February 16, 2013
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Forensic Psychology Aids in a Conviction On Behalf Of Elizabeth Smart

Forensic Psychology Aids in a Conviction On Behalf Of Elizabeth Smart

Jessica Hammond
St. Leo University & Criminal Justice Department

Forensic Psychology Aids in a Conviction On Behalf Of Elizabeth Smart

Forensic psychology is a field that combines both psychology and the law. Advancements in technology have accelerated created tremendous popularity for this science. Furthermore the media, who has become obsessed with forensics, through television shows movies and books, depicting heroes solving mysteries in under an hour. While depictions of forensic psychologist are popular and dramatic, the media does not portray an accurate definition of this science. Typically, a forensic psychologist deals with both areas: psychology and law. In many cases, people working within forensic psychology are not necessarily “forensic psychologists.” These individuals might be school psychologists, neurologist or counselors who lend their psychological experience to provide testimony, analysis or recommendations in legal or criminal cases.Forensic psychologists usually deals with clients who are not there of their own free will. Due to this forensic psychologist face great difficulty in making assessments, diagnosis and treatment plans. (Cherry, 2009) Forensic psychologist can play key roles in the criminal justice system. Immediately following a crime a forensic psychologist may be asked to act as a criminal profiler. Criminal profiling involves the psychologist’s use of human behavior, motivation, and pathology so that he or she can create a profile, which is often accurate, of the offender. From observations of the crime scene one can infer the behavioral characteristics of an individual who created it. To a profiler everyone is a slave to their own psychological make-up. In turn, profilers use their knowledge of how the typical offender reacts, their characteristics and then...
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