Foreign Language Learning at Kindergarten

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  • Published : April 3, 2013
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I completely disagree with the idea of foreign language instruction in kindergarten. Knowing the fact that learning foreign language such as English is must to compete and communicate internationally. But, I believe educators should not take foreign language instruction that serious to begin it in kindergarten. The educators should realize that emphasizing on a foreign language instruction will make learning tougher for kindergarten level students.

Reason why foreign language should not begin in kindergarten:

Imparting knowledge requires improving cognitive capabilities. So, inducing basic knowledge in native language to kindergarten students is acknowledged by the scholars as the best method for child knowledge development. Cognitive capability improvement is only possible by educating ankle-biters in national language.

Moreover, foreign language instruction to child students eventually hurdle learning because students are not familiar with that foreign language. Eventually the Child students spend all the time in learning language rather understand teachings. So, if foreign language instruction would be implemented in kindergarten it would ultimately mess-up child students.

Exemplary successful nations who adapted native language in their kindergarten education system:

There are number of exemplary nations who accomplished success by adapting native language in kindergarten education system. One successful nation is China. In China a foreign language most commonly English is introduced in third grade. Nowadays, China possesses one of the best education systems and considered as developed nation. Other than China it is a common knowing that native language is easier to teach toddlers.

Conclusion: The idea of foreign language instruction in kindergarten level education is examined in this paper. It has been concluded that native language is recognized as the best learning starter for children. Therefore, a foreign language instruction in...
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