Foreign Exchange Operations of Uttara Bank Limited

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1.1. Introduction of report:

Now-a-day’s banking sector is modernizing and expanding its hand in different financial events every day. At the same time the Banking process is becoming faster, easier and is becoming either. In order to surviving the competitive filed of the banking sector all organization are looking for better service opportunities to provide their fellow clients. So it has becoming essential for every person to have some idea on the bank and banking procedure. Internship program so called work attachment program an essential for ever BBA student because it helps him or her to acquaint with the real life situation. As bank is one of the most impotent financial intermediaries. So I have selected Uttara Bank Limited, Which is one of the most leading banks of the new bank arena. Bank is a kind of financial intermediary. It collects fund from the surplus unit of the commodity and disburse it to the deficit unit in the form of loan. Thus it keeps the money moving by mobilizing the savings and funding the business. But bank does it as a business. It is not a charitable organization. They are doing business with the money offering as product. Among their different activities, the most profitable business is lending. The borrowers are their customers. As lending involves a substantial risk, it requires effective management of credit operation. It is not all about. Like other business, customer is the most significant part of banking business as it provides the profit, the ultimate motivation. So it is essential to know what the customers are thinking about your products, services and operation.

1.2. Rational of the Study:

Bank is the heart of the economics and banking is the blood circulation of the country’s economic growth. Banks perform a significant role to serve the needs of the society in the different sectors such as : capital formulation lager scale of protection, industrialization growth of tread and economies etc. Bank is contribution a lot of aspect. Uttara Banked Limit -one of the largest and oldest private-sector commercial bank in Bangladesh. It provide mass banking service to the customer through its branch network all over the country . So I have tried to represent their performance and problems and prospects on the ground of general banking.

1.3. Scope of the study:

The report will illustrate a basic reflection about the Uttara Bank Limited present condition of the bank on privet banking sector, various schemes of Uttara Bank Limited , interest rate and activates & various department of General Baking of Uttara Bank Limited etc. However I have got the opportunity to work in the Customer Service department which helped me to clear understand about the activities of the bank.

1.4. Objective of the report:

The main objective of the report is to fulfill the requirement of BBA program. For this I have been attached with an organization named Uttara Bank Limited and I could attain practical job related experience with my academic knowledge.

The objective of the study may be viewed as:
✓ General objective
✓ Specific objective

1.4.1. General objective:

➢ The General Objective of the study is to prepare and submit a report on the topic of general banking activates of the Uttara bank Limited, New Market Branch.

1.4.2. Special Objectives:

There are some special objectives such as:

➢ To know the General Banking which include customer service, clearing section and cash department of Uttara Bank Limited, New Market branch ➢ To understand private the banking environment of the Bangladesh ➢ To gain knowledge about different functions of banks. ➢ To have some practical experience of job life.

1.5. Methodology of the study:

This report is prepared on the based on two types of data: Primary and secondary. The report disclosed all the things that I learned and done during the internship...
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