Force and Maximum Height

Topics: Force, Friction, Energy Pages: 2 (709 words) Published: March 12, 2013
Phys 130-003
#5 (Oct 7) P5.9, P5.25, P5.31, P5.35, P5.36 (5.94 m/s, 7.67 m/s, 147 J), P5.37, P5.39, P5.41, P5.56 (6.43 year)

9) A mechanic pushes a 2.50103kg car from rest to a speed of v, doing 5000J of work in the process. During this time, the car moves 25.0m. Neglecting friction between the car and road, find (a) v and (b) the horizontal force exerted on the car.

25) A daredevil on a motorcycle leaves the end of a ramp with a speed of 35.0 m/s as in the figure P5.25. If his speed is 33.0 m/s when he reaches the peak of the path, what is the maximum height that he reaches? Ignore friction and air resistance.

31) A horizontal spring attached to a wall has a force constant of 850 N/m. A block of mass 1.00 kg is attached to the spring and oscillates freely on a horizontal, frictionless surface as in Active Figure 5.20. The initial goal of this problem is to find the velocity at the equilibrium point after the block is released. (a) What objects constitute the system, and through what forces do they interact? (b) What are the two points of interest? (c ) Find the energy stored in the spring when the mass passes through the equilibrium and again when the mass passes through equilibrium after being released from rest. (d) Write the conservation of energy equation for this situation and solve it for the speed of the mass as it passes equilibrium?

35) a 0.250-kg block along a horizontal track has a speed of 1.50 m/s immediately before colliding with a light spring of force constant 4.60 N/m located at the end of the track. (a) What is the spring’s maximum compression if the track is frictionless? (b) If the track is not frictionless, would the spring’s maximum compression be greater that, less than or equal to the value obtained in part (a)?

36) A block of mass m=5.00kg is released form point a and slides on the frictionless track shown in figure p5.36. Determine (a) the bead’s speed at points b and c and (b) the net work done by the...
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