Food Lab: Testing for Protein, Starch or Sugar

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Food Lab
The aim of this report is to see if the any of the four food apple sauce, carrot juice, cracker juice, and turkey juice contain protein, starch, or sugar. Between these four foods two are positive for sugar which are apple sauce and carrot juice. Sugar is an organic molecule of carbohydrate and so is starch. The starch was positive in two of the foods which are cracker juice and carrot juice. Protein is its own organic molecule and only one food tested positive for protein and it is the turkey juice. Introduction

The “Food Lab” was used to answer the question “What organic molecules will be found?” The organic molecules being sugar, starch, and protein. The chemicals that are used in this experiment are Iodine, Biuret solution, and Benedict’s solution.

Iodine is an element on the periodic table. It has an atomic number of 53. Iodine is used very often in natural history and is used to find starch, which will be needed in order to conduct this experiment.

Biuret Solution is a mixture of copper sulfate and potassium hydroxide. It is used to find out how much protein if any is in something. This solution reacts with peptide bonds that join with amino acids that form protein and change color when it happens. The darker the color the more protein present.

Benedict’s solution is made of copper sulfate and is used to test for sugars. When a small amount of food is added and boiled for several minutes it will turn a green color to a shade of red depending on the amount of sugar.

The hypothesis says that if a food is positive for proteins after Biuret's solution is added it will turn a purple. If Biuret's solution is added and it turns a pale blue color it's negative for proteins. The turkey and crackers are going to be positive for protein. If Iodine is added to the food and it's positive for starch it should turn a dark purple/black color and if Iodine is added and it's tested negative for starch it should turn a...
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