Identification of Some Macromolecules

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Dehydration-synthesis is a reaction that occurs to form different types of macromolecules. It is a reaction that leaves a macromolecule structure along the lines of developing its own specific function in a living organism. The 4 most common ones are carbohydrates which includes monosaccharides and polysaccharides, lipids, proteins and nucleic acids (Mack 2012). Scientists identify different types of macromolecules to achieve a better understanding on how they function in our bodies. This can be achieved by studying their chemical properties and structure. (

A few experiments were performed to test for the presence of the different types of macromolecules of various solutions. The iodine tested for starch and glycogen, Benedict’s test tested for reducing sugars for carbohydrates and biuret test was performed to test for proteins. It is necessary to understand how important controls are in a lab experiment. A control is where all of the experimental variables can be controlled and monitored. Results are determined by comparing these variables to the control. Without them, no results would be valid in the experiment. To tell whether or not the experimental procedure were carried out properly and correctly, treatment controls were used. They can either be positive or negative. Correct data with followed procedures, resulting in a working experiment would be a positive control. On the opposite hand, negative controls would give negative results if everything were to be followed in the experiment. (

The iodine test was used to test for starch and glycogen in a particular solution. If the result turned out to be neither a blue-black or reddish-brown colour, it would be considered a negative result. If it turned blue-black, starch was...
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