Food and Nutrition

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On the 19th April, 2012, the Grade 10 Food and Nutrition students of the Montego Bay High School for girls went on a field trip where we visited Edwards Dairy and Colorn Meat Processors. This trip was put in place by our teachers in order to reinforce our previously gained knowledge on the topics; meat and milk. From this field study I was able to utilize my previous knowledge on these two subject matters and to learn more about them and in more detail. I was also able to pick up information on the topic of water bottling. It is my wish that you the reader will find this report to be both interesting and informative.

Edward’s dairy
Milk is a nutritious white fluid, rich in protein, fats, lactose, and vitamins, which female mammals produce to feed their young immediately after birth. It is used by human beings as a drink, in cooking, and to make products such as butter and cheese. Picture Showing Milk and Dairy Products

Picture Showing Milk and Dairy Products

Picture Showing Jamaica Hope calves.

Picture Showing Jamaica Hope calves.

Edward’s Dairy has been in operation since 1977 and the milk they process come from cows of the Jamaica Hope breed of cattle, engineered by Dr. Thomas P. Lecky, a famous Jamaican agricultural scientist and chemist. At the Dairy we learnt that cattle consist of bulls (the males), cows (the females), steers (Castrated bulls) and heifers (cows without offspring).

After giving birth, milk builds up in the udder of the cow. The cow is given five days to suckle its calf, then it is milked for eleven months until the next time it is pregnant. During the milking process, machine suckers are attached to the teat of the udders. An average cow gives nine litres of milk per day; five litres in the morning and four litres in the evening. At Edward’s Dairy they are able to accumulate between twelve and thirteen thousand litres of milk per day. Picture Showing Milking Machine...
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