Dairy Marketing Strategies in the Context of Globalization

Topics: Milk, Dairy, Dairy product Pages: 17 (5321 words) Published: May 20, 2011
International Journal of Trade, Economics and Finance, Vol. 2, No. 2, April 2011

Dairy Marketing Strategies in the Context of Globalization: Issues and Challenges Ashraf Imam, M N Zadeh, and Laxmi Rani Dubey

Abstract—Globalization remains a key force in driving Indian economy and India’s dairy industry products acknowledge the demands and preferences around the world by the consumers. New imperatives like production systems issues such as animal welfare and environmental footprint, and also product quality attributes such as traceability and product safety. Dairy farmers need immediate solutions to retain their competitiveness and access to global markets and for this we need innovation which is important that the industry maintains a unified approach and adapts to the changing nature of the people involved. However, with increased pressure on local and central government on environmental management, there is need to recruit additional and more skilled people into the dairy industry. The longer-term success of the dairy industry will depend on attracting and retaining talented people and growing these individuals using effective skills development programmes especially for marketing strategies department. So this paper present marketing Strategies which focus on the actions the dairy industry needs to take to influence perceptible from the dairy farming system to the world. Index Terms—Globalization, Indian Economy, Dairy Industry, Dairy product, Sustainability, Marketing Strategies.

II. OUTLINE OF DAIRY AROUND THE WORLD Since 1980 the demand for the dairy products grew especially in Asian region from 32 kg per capita in 1981 to 64 kg per capita in 2007, the Asian consumers presented almost a half of the world demand for milk and milk products. Growing income and change in food composition in China, India and other Asian countries are the factors of the increasing demand (table1). The governmental support of milk consumption like school milk programs and new dairy products supported this expansion (FAO, 2009). This growing demand and higher prices created market opportunities for the local producers and in 2005 Asia became the world largest milk producer with grows 35% in 1997-2007. TABLE1. PER CAPITA MILK CONSUMPTION, MILK EQUIVALENTS, 1981 – 2007

1981 World Developed 86 222 35 3 50 271 Na

1990 80 180 40 6 63 274 363

2000 104 235 56 11 79 287 469

2007 113 248 68 22

I. INTRODUCTION Globalization is one of the greatest strategic challenges for all Industries as well as dairy Industry. Globalization has increased significantly over the last decade, and despite financial crises and recession in many parts of the world globalization will likely continue — albeit with less force than before. Globalization is far from a unique concept. Globalization can also have multiple dimensions and applications. In this context, globalization is defined as follows: Globalization is the continuing development of a firm’s international involvement concerning geographical markets, products, management, resources (labour, raw materials etc.) for the purpose of optimization of the international market opportunities and threats. Globalization is not just about selling to foreign customers. It is also about recognizing the international competition and to adjust production, resources, investment and organization to these challenges

Developing China India US EU

295 382

Ashraf Imam, Ex-Branch Manager-Reliance Life Insurance- Sikandrarao Branch-Aligarh Region and currently enrolled as PhD student –Department of Commerce-Aligarh Muslim University-Aligarh, UP-India. (imamashraf1@rediffmail.com) M N Zadeh, MS.c Dairy Economic ( Final)-N.D.R.I-Karnal-India. (email: sofya_nasiry@yahoo.com) Laxmi Rani Dubey , PhD Dairy Economic (First Year) )-N.D.R.I-Karnal, India (email: laxmirani.d@gmail.com).

During period of higher prices in 2007 many countries used the new built capacities in dairy production especially for the...
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