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Write an essay (1500 words) on one of the following:

1. Select a food/drink product of your choice that is on the Irish market and for that product prepare a market analysis that provides information on the following: -Which manufacturer produces the food/drink product and give a company profile? - What is innovative about the product e.g. its package, health benefit, formulation or branding? -How is the product marketed and at what target market is it aimed? - What is its unique selling point?

- Analyse the marketing strategy for this food product and examine: the 4Ps (Product, Promotion, Price and Place), positioning strategy and sensory aspects etc. - How is the food/drink product advertised?

The Irish product I will use is Guinness. Diageo manufacture Guinness. Guinness is well known as a worldwide dry stout. Guinness originated from a family recipe which had been passed down to Arthur Guinness by his father, who in turn inherited the recipe from his mother. In 1752 Arthur’s godfather died and left Arthur £100 in his will. With this £100, Arthur leased a brewery in Leixlip, by 1759 Arthur had left Leixlip and headed to Dublin where he showed great confidence in his product, and himself, by leasing St. James’s gate for 9000 years. This is where Guinness began. Today, Guinness is still the largest brewery in the world. Guinness today holds the number one spot in the market for stout in the country, and is renowned worldwide for its total quality management. Guinness’ aim is to maintain this number one status and quality and continue to grow larger as well as possible expansion to new markets.

Not only do Guinness specialise in their dry stout, but have now begun to make sauces with their very own Guinness twist. These vary from their own mix of HP brown sauce with a Guinness twist. They also have a range of crisps, peanuts and a large range of merchandise varying from clothes to playing cards.

Guinness has had many innovative ideas in the past, but I believe one of its most recent ideas has been most successful. This idea is Arthur’s Day. Arthur’s Day began in September 2009 to celebrate Guinness’ 250th anniversary, since then it has become an annual event worldwide. Another element of Arthur’s Day is to “raise a glass to Arthur” at 17:59 to commemorate the year Arthur Guinness began brewing Guinness. Over the last 4 years Arthur’s Day has been a worldwide phenomenon. The success is unusual as these days have been known to fail, but it is clear people feel loyal to the “heritage brand” which is Guinness. The Diageo marketers may be as proud of this day as the Irish people are! It was a huge success and helps improve the branding of Guinness.

Although Guinness do not claim their product to be healthy, there are many reports in which support Guinness saying it is healthy. In Guinness’ early days it was often given to pregnant women because it was thought that Guinness would fortify the mother and their baby. At that time it was also thought that Guinness was good for tired muscles because of its purity. Recently it has been reported that Guinness is also good for your heart. Studies in University of Wisconsin by medical experts have stated that a pint of Guinness over a meal would reduce harmful cholesterol gathering on artery walls. This concept was tested on dogs and proved it was an aspirin that prevented clotting on the walls.

The recipe of Guinness has been passed down from one generation of brewers to the next, and has remained the same since it first began. The brewers are always looking for ways to improve the performance of the brewery, keeping pace with technological advances, but have never strayed away from Arthur Guinness’ basic process of making Guinness. The Guinness brewers strive to use only the highest standard of ingredients available. That is why they grow their own yeast at St. James’ gate storehouse in Dublin. Other than...
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