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Topics: Advertising, Alcohol advertising, Alcoholic beverage Pages: 13 (3709 words) Published: October 17, 2012
Alcohol Advertising in Ireland


Written By: Clovis O Donohoe


▪ Aims and Methodology 1

▪ Introduction 2

▪ Alcohol advertising today 3-4

▪ How it has changed 5-6

▪ Laws 6-7-8

▪ Case Study:Guinness Advertising Campaign 9-10

▪ Statistical Analysis 11

▪ Conclusion 12

▪ Bibliography 13

▪ Appendix 14


In doing this report I got information from web sites such as www. absoloute,drugs and and my own knowledge of the subject ,also from a survey with people from my college the data from which I will represent in a pie chart. And an interview with a publican was also conducted with the barman from Sally Longs.


The aim of this report will be to gain an insight into the world of alcohol advertising and to see how this works in Ireland and also how this has changed over the years. It will explain the history of alcohol advertising in Ireland and try to figure out how it could change in the future. Hopefully through using a survey we can find out what other people think about this subject. Included in the report will be a case study on Guinness drinks company to see how they have advertised their product over the years. Also an interview will be done with a publican to try and see things from a different point of view. Further research will be carried out using the internet.



Alcohol use in Ireland is a much debated and analysed subject. Every year there are numerous murders, hit and runs and violence blamed on alcohol. We can not open our daily newspaper without being confronted with another story on this subject. Some people even go as far as to stereotype Ireland as a nation of Guinness Guzzling Lunatics who like to get into a good row. How has advertising played a part in all this. Hopefully through reading this report, things will become a bit clearer.

Alcohol Advertising Today

Alcohol advertising is the promotion of alcohol by producers through a variety of media. Along with tobacco advertising, it is one of the most regulated forms of marketing. Some or all forms of alcohol advertising is banned in some countries. Let’s take a look on how it works is in Ireland today.

The intended audience of the alcohol companies have changed over the years, with some brands being specifically targeted towards a particular group or groups. Some drinks are seen as a male drink, Like beer and whiskies, while others are drunk by females. Some brands have allegedly been specifically developed to appeal to people that would not normally drink that kind of beverage. One area in which the alcohol industry have faced criticism is in their alleged targeting of young people. Central to this is the development of alco pops–brightly coloured drinks with names that may appeal to a younger audience. However, numerous government and other reports have failed to support that allegation.

Despite this the barman with whom I conducted an interview felt that young people do not drink too much and also that alcohol advertising does not affect their choice, he noted in his opinion advertising did not help him to sell more alchohol, although this could have been a biased opinion. He did note though that during his eighteen years in the pub business he has noticed a worrying increase in binge drinking among young people. In closing he added that drink companies are guilty of trying to glamorise alcohol consumption.

There have been several disputes over whether alcohol advertisements are targeting teens. There happens to be heavy amounts of alcohol advertising that appears to make drinking fun and exciting. Alcohol advertisements can be seen virtually anywhere, they are especially known for sponsoring sporting events, concerts, magazines, and they are found anywhere on...
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