Under Age Drinking

Topics: Youth, Research and development, Young Pages: 4 (1334 words) Published: February 15, 2013
1. What was the justification for undertaking this specific piece of research? The justification for undertaking this research into “Underage Risky Drinking” is to understand the key motives and outcomes that young people may have when drinking underage, to what extent they drink and also to explore the social and health related issues that may encounter due to the excessive drinking. This report also focuses on why young people choose to drink in an unsupervised location instead of a supervised location; for example: unsupervised – the park, supervised – parents home. This research into “Underage Risky Drinking” also looks at the negative short term and long term consequences of risky drinking. 2. What were the objectives for this research?

The objectives to the “Underage Risky Drinking” report that Coleman and Cater identify are firstly the motivations that young people have to underage risky drinking (heavy single-session drinking in an unsupervised location). Some of the motivations that they found was that the young people became more chatty and relaxed after they have had a drink they also said that it was a way for them to get a ‘buzz’. The second being identifying the social and health related outcomes that that young people have for risky underage drinking (heavy single-session drinking in an unsupervised location). Some of the motivations that they found were that the young people were bored of doing nothing with their time so drinking and socialising became exciting for them. 3. What assumptions were made about the topic/ research area? The assumptions that were made about the “Underage Risky Drinking” research drew on previous research in to the topic area. It looks at the comparison between the research that Coleman and Cater (2005) did and previous research such as ‘Newcombe (1995) cited in Coleman and Cater (2005) page 2, states that Newcombe various reasons for young people’s risky drinking.’ This was focused on drink related...
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