Folklore in 9gag

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Folkore on the Internet: 9gag

9gag is an image-based social media website. All of its contents come from the users of the said website. Users can vote on the images in which the images with the highest votes get to categories like “what’s hot” and “trending.” Users can also comment on the pictures. This website is famous for some poorly-drawn cartoon conversations, internet memes, funny pictures and many more.

In connection with folklore, I shall enumerate the four basic qualities for 9gag to be considered as having such. The first quality of folklore is its repeated transmission—verbal or nonverbal. Repeated transmission in 9gag may be the sharing of the images in 9gag using other social media platforms like Facebook. Sharing of posts in Facebook enables the friends of that user to view the image. In another way, repeated transmission can also be made through the showcasing of the image through the website itself. In the age of the internet, a website can act as a main source of transmitting content in which web users around the world are exposed to.

The second quality of folklore is multiple existences—in place and time. This quality may also be seen in the sharing of the posts. 9gag is a website that can be accessed in almost any part of the world. The content in the website can be accessed by a teenage boy in Cuba. The same content may also be seen by an old lady in Canada. With respect to time, 9gag posts are just stored in their website. One can access the content in the website in any given time, day, month or year so as long as the website is still up and running.

The third quality is the loss of identity of author or creator. Although 9gag posts indicate its author, people do not mind whoever created such image. The viewers of the site do not attribute a certain post with a specific person. The main purpose of 9gag is not to make anybody famous. Its main goal is simply to provide the users great content without necessarily attributing it to...
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