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Project Report On
Market Research and Product Development
Mix N Drink

Submitted By-
Rahul Srivastava
DS Group
Executive Summary
The aim of the project is to enhance the understanding of the Mix N Drink category through retail auditing. Another part of this project is Product Testing of the new product through market research. This report examines in detail the market behavior and growth of the mix n drink category in the Indian retail industry and consumers buying behavior. It discuss in detail the emerging trends and buying behavior of the mix n drink product. It also describes the placement, stocking, packaging and pricing of the mix n drink product in various retail outlets. The report observes the changing dynamics in the FMCG sector which forced the FMCG to revamp their product, marketing, distribution, formats to meet the changing customer requirements or preferences. During the whole process we did category understanding, market research, retail auditing and competition mapping and prepared report on the same. Also visited market with sales team and understood the product placement, stocking and competition mapping. The methodology adopted for retail auditing and product testing are observation of various retail outlets, face to face interview with the retailers and survey of the product through convenience sampling. The retail auditing was done on 100 retail outlets of Delhi and NCR such as South Delhi, North Delhi, Noida etc. where the mix n drink product or powder concentrate drink like Rasna, Tang, Piyoz etc where observed. Product testing is done by convenience sampling on 28 individuals and their feedback is recorded in questionnaire.

Chapter 1
Company Profile
Dharampal Satyapal Group (DS Group) is Rs. 2200 crore rapidly growing multi-diversified conglomerate that has a strong presence in sectors such as F&B, Hospitality, Mouth Fresheners, Tobacco, Packaging, Agro forestry, Rubber Thread and Infrastructure. The Group has Steel, Cement and Power in the Infrastructure basket. The most recent addition has been the Group's foray into Dairy business. Founded in year 1929, DS Group is committed towards premium quality products & credited with several innovations over last eight decades. The product portfolio of DS Group has evolved magnificently over the years and its undeterred pursuit for 'Quality & Innovation' has given impetus to the consumer satisfaction and loyalty. From an assorted range of F&B products, to idyllic hospitality ventures; from splendid manufacturing units of Flexi Packaging to sprawling Plants for Rubber Thread production; the legacy of DS Group has indeed come full circle with the success of all its diverse endeavors.

The group has more than 24 manufacturing units spread across Delhi, NOIDA, Himachal Pradesh, Assam & Tripura. "Catch Spices", "Catch Spring water", "Catch flavoured water", "Meetha Mazaa", "Baba", "Tulsi", "Pass Pass", "Rajnigandha", Tansen, "The Manu Maharani" and "Unitex" are some of the leading brands the Group proudly shelters today.

Beverage Industry
A beverage is a drink specifically prepared for human consumption. Beverages almost always largely consist of water. Drinks often consumed include: Water (both flat or carbonated),Juice based drinks, Soft drinks, Sports and Energy drinks, Alcoholic beverages like beer or spirits ,Coffee, tea ,Dairy products like milk. Commonly, drinks are filled into containers, like glass or plastic bottles, steel or aluminum cans as well as cardboard supported packages, like the "TetraPak" or others. Filling of beverages can be done cold, hot, ambient and cold-aseptic filling to mention the latest trend of beverage marketing and technology. The beverage is mainly categorized into two major categories based upon the alcoholic and nonalcoholic nature of the drink. Non-Alcoholic beverages are further o two types based upon carbon content. These beverages contain Fruit juices, Coffee, Tea,...
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