Fluency and Accuracy in English

Topics: Second language, High school, Education Pages: 3 (969 words) Published: May 22, 2013
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Fluency and Accuracy in English Language
Cíntia Carina Agues Cardoso
Estudos Ingleses- Academic writing III
Ermelinda Tavares
March, 2013

Table of Contents
General and Specific Objectives4
4. Reference List6

English language as a part of Cape Verdean Curriculum is one of the main foreign Language taught in high school and university due to its importance all over the world. There are many advantages coming from learning English in a country in development process like Cape Verde. For instance, in the business section and competitiveness where English is the main language spoken, Cape Verde as a capitalist country, it becomes an urgent need to have qualified persons able to compete communicating in the same language, at the same level as the other countries, but is it possible to get fluency in English in the way it is taught in Cape Verdean high school? Based on my own experiences as an English student since secondary school, I could see that the English I was taught was not sufficient to make student able to speak fluently or have accuracy in English language. The majority high school student in Cape Verde study English for six years in school and they are not able to speak it because teachers are more likely to teach grammar syntax and semantic than oral communication. Then, some students go to university to graduate in English but still are not fluent neither accurate. They do not have Communicative Competence in English language. According to Bilash (2009) communicative competency is the correlation between fluency and accuracy and refers to the ability of a speaker to communicate effectively in the language. I chose this topic, fluency and Accuracy in English Language, because the majority of teachers in high school in Cape Verde does not concern about making student speak. Students know how to write a sentence, how to read it but they are unable to use it in a...
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