First Essay Here About Things to Do to Address Global Warming

Topics: Carbon dioxide, Global warming, Law Pages: 2 (574 words) Published: May 20, 2013
Global warming , Things you can do to help the world get better

We are living in the midst of a great chemical experiment, and some serious consequences are becoming apparent to scientists. More than two billion pounds of chemicals are spewed into the air each year. These chemicals are brewing a disastrous stew, resulting in an atmosphere crisis. The greatest consequences of the atmosphere crisis may be global warming and the ozone depletion. If humankind wants to survive well into the next millennium, than we must stop this horrid destruction of our own environment.

As an individual I would start doing things I have never done before, like I would start recycling, if I recycle not only would I address global warming. But I would also get money by doing so and it would help me I could save that money or buy something with it. I could also save energy and money at home by making small changes around my house and help reduce carbon dioxide emissions, and also save money on my monthly energy bill. As we should know , almost half of our electricity we use goes to heating and cooling our homes. By raising your thermostat just a few degrees in the summer, and lowering it a few degrees in the winter , I would be saving money and helping the environment. Even if I replace the dirty air filter on my furnace can save 350 pounds of carbon dioxide a year. That's how I would address global warming over my lifetime.

Our nation can do a lot of things to like the money , that we get from taxes the nation can help with that to paid companies. We would pay this companies to lower the rate of contamination. We can propose laws like to stop deforestation. That one of the horrible things that is affecting our atmosphere. Deforestation also leads to the burning and cutting down trees which for increases the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. We can use some energy but we should all use solar systems in our houses to save energy and help global warming get...
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