If I could change the world

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  • Published : February 17, 2014
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If I could change the world, I would try to stop the global warming and save animals from it. Global warming is big problem in this world because it is big impact to the natural balance of environment [1]. Global warming is that to happen due to increase in the greenhouse gases resulting from pollution, which is rise the temperature of the earth [2]. According to “Global Warming.” (2002), there are many cause of global warming. The electrical pollution, destruction, car pollution and overpopulation are discharged a large amount of methane gas and carbon dioxide then they exacerbate global warming. Some impacts from their causes are already happening. First, Ice is melting worldwide, especially at the Earth’s poles. Thus, polar bears have been in danger of extinction, and penguin that live in Antarctica, too. Next, rain and snowfall has increased on average across the world, so it is beginning to lead to food shortages in some areas. Then when whether or not global warming get worse, these affect coming up. As reported “Effects of Global Warming.” (2007), it is expected that sea level will rise more than ever, and floods and droughts will happen more often. As a result, Agriculture, forestry and fishery will seriously get damage and many animals will threaten with extinction or they will die. However, we can prevent these things that happen. For example, if you are usually using a car to go to school, you try to use the bicycle as much as possible [3]. When you throw away the trash, you try separating recyclable garbage from the non-recyclables [4]. Therefore, we need to think and love our nature and world then protect them, so we have to stop the global warming.
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