First Eclogue of Vrigil

Topics: Virgil, Greek mythology, Pastoral Pages: 2 (351 words) Published: March 5, 2013
The first eclogue of Virgil

The first eclogue was written between 42 and 39 B.C.E. Two of the eclogues which are the 1 and 9 belong to the pastoral poetry. This eclogue is a 12 verses dialogue between 2 herdsmen: Meliboeus and Tityrus. The first eclogue is based on a personal experience. Virgil and his family had been evicted and this memory appears in the personality of Meliboeus. But the family got their rights back because of Octavianus and the personality of Tityrus reflects Virgil’s gratefulness.

1st stanza(Meliboeus):
* it is a complaint
* he called himself a kind of exile
* he knew that his fortune is worse than Tityrus’s
* he had to leave his “sweet fields”
2nd stanza(Tityrus):
* the God is the one who can help
* he helped him too
3rd stanza(Meliboeus):
* Meliboeus is not jealous of Tityrus
* he started to complain about his past
* he asked a question about the God who was mentioned by Tityrus 4th stanza(Tityrus):
* he praised Rome with the cypress-comparison
* Rome is the King of cities for him
5th stanza(Meliboeus):
* this is a question
* why Tityrus wanted to go Rome
6th stanza(Tityrus):
* freedom is an important thing for Tityrus
* he wasn’t free with Galatea
* Galatea is a mythological person who symbolises the social problems * in the mythology she was in love and she was killed by a jealous women. * Amaryllis symbolises the present who is his new love

7th stanza(Meliboeus):
* he refers to Tityrus’s happy life
8th stanza(Tityrus):
* maybe he mentioned the God who helped him
9th stanza(Meliboeus):
* he said that Tityrus kept his field
* it refers to Tityrus’s loyalty about his home
* In spite of the social problems he didn’t leave his homeland 10th stanza(Tityrus):
* he would never leave his home
11th stanza(Meliboeus):
* Meliboeus wanted to find a new home
12th stanza(Tityrus):
* Tityrus offers food and place to sleep to...
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