Fire Fighter Arson

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  • Published : December 8, 2012
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“Fire Fighter Arson”

The reason I decided to choose this topic, and not something about a particular part of the fire service, is because I was watching a TV show CSI where they solve crimes and such. Well this topic of fire fighter arson was on the show where a fire fighter set a fire on purpose. So I decided that it looked interesting considering it is what I want to do. Fire fighter arson is basically when a fire fighter sets a fire and I will break it down on why some fire fighters do it, affects of fire fighter arson, basic profile of the fire fighter arsonist, fire service responsibilities in preventing fire fighter arson, and actions to take when a problem is suspected. There were a number of people who had been arrested for this crime and were willing to share their motivations. The biggest reason was people were looking for recognition and liked to play the role of a hero. These people would get a thrill to be the reporting party or to be first on the scene. Another reason is a person might have a psychiatric problem that they have towards the fascination with fire. While others have a low self-esteem or self-confidence, and they want to feel like they belong to a group and are accepted by others. There are many effects of fire fighter arson, which all are very clear cut effects, they include the possibility of injury, loss of life, property and financial loss due to fire, and the increase of insurance premiums that we pay when arson occurs. This crime of arson will also make the community loose trust in their fire department. This loss of trust could affect fundraising and that would seriously affect the fire service. If the person is caught it will defiantly put a strain on the department with the community on whether or not there are more crooked fighters or not. The fire fighter arson awareness program in South Carolina provides the average profile of fire fighter arsonists. This program said they are usually volunteer fire fighters,...
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