Firefighting Science

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When Flames Rage:
Creativity in Fire Fighting Science
Fire Departments date back all the way to the B.C. times. The Roman emperor Augustus was known for creating the firs fire-fighting corps known as the “watchmen”. In twenty-four B.C. regulations for checking and preventing fires were put into service. As time went on most cities had watchmen who sounded an alarm at signs of a fire and the most vital tool they had was the bucket. Passed from hand-to-hand full of water to extinguish the fire. Another vital tool in the early ages and now is the axe. It was a great multi-tool used for creating openings and removing the fuel from the fire.(History of Fire Fighting)

In 1666 the great fire of London took place. Insurance companies started forming “fire brigades” which were privately owned and not by the government. The first modern fire station didn’t form until around the 1830’s in London. After a big fire in Boston Massachusetts in 1631 the first North American fire regulation was into place and then in 1648 New York (was known as New Amsterdam) appointed fire wardens, which then established the beginnings of the first public fire department.(History of Fire Fighting)

In todays era of the 21st century fire departments are either volunteer or career. Volunteer fire departments are usually found in small communities and towns and do not get a salary. Career fire departments are salaried and are mainly found in cities and high population areas. Salaried departments with paid fire fighters and standardized equipment became a crucial part of municipal administration in the late 19th century. (A Little Fire Service History)

Fire alarms came into the world with the invention of the telegraph. Today communities are served with either a telegraph-alarm system or with telephones. Many cities use to have street alarm boxes but they got removed due to maintenance and false alarms. Some have been replaced with an emergency telephone. In todays era fire alarms in cities...
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