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Angus Bills
English 101-004
Tameka Johnson
“I honor Parkland’s core values by affirming that I have followed all academic integrity guidelines for this work.” Career Planning

My ultimate dream job is to be a Fireman. There are many qualities a Fireman must embrace, and some of the crucial assets include: Critical thinking, active listening and complex problem solving. This field embraces respect from all members of the community, whilst they risk their lives everyday. The job outlook is currently changing within the community of Adelaide, whilst the values of the occupation always hold extreme value to the society because of the risks involved with the profession. A Firefighter can be both a positive and negative, as they help the lives of many people everyday but may also hold the ultimate sacrifice of losing their own life because of the risks involved.

Currently the Firefighting industry holds extreme value within the society. All types of members within the community hold the upmost respect for the men and women that risk their lives every day to help others in need. Firefighters are not just there to protect people or property when the time calls, but are also always out in the community teaching people about the techniques they can use to help prevent fires around their homes. Fire prevention or simply cleaning out gutters, keeping gardens and trees away from houses is the main technique to help alleviate fires from ruining homes within the community. I believe the community is extremely grateful for the work the Firemen and Firewomen do every day, to help the community positively move forward and uphold the strength of the Firefighting community. The community continues to value the Firefighting industry because of the advancements in technology over the last few years.

The new advancements of technology are leading to a safer yet more powerful Firefighting industry. The industry is looking at new methods to extinguish fires all around the globe. There is currently a new method of Firefighting which is “Aerial Firefighting”, which instead of attacking the fire on foot, they are confronting the fires from planes or helicopters. This is a much safer option, as there is minimal risk for injury to the Firefighters or equipment. There have also been many advancements in everyday machinery to extinguish fires including the water pressure of the hose, increasing percentages of foam control and increased size of water and foam tanks. There is a new machine called the “PyroLance” which acts like a hose and it essentially cuts through any fire barrier and cools down the fire before anyone has to enter the room or area. This increases the safety of Firefighting substantially and also increases the ability to extinguish a fire easily.

There is also a new advancement called Ultra High Pressure (UHP) hoses that have increased foam capabilities and water pressure. This increases the time frame that it takes to extinguish a fire. Gregory G. Noll claims from “Ultra High Pressure Firefighting Technology” that “This technology allows a vehicle equipped with UHP technology to perform three to 3 ½ times more effectively than a conventional ARFF (Aircraft Rescue Firefighting) vehicle equipped with a low-pressure foam application system”(1). This drastically increases the effectiveness of restricting the fire before it gets out of control. Using this vehicle also reduces the amount of resources used from expending an airplane to try to extinguish the fire. As this vehicle is much smaller, it allows the vehicle and crew to be able to maneuver around and through any situation and effectively get to the fire scene earlier. This may be a considerable difference when a person’s life is at stake. Although much of the fire safety equipment has remained the same over the past few decades, there have been little advancements in technology, which improves the safety of the Firefighters. A few of these...
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