Financial Analysis Between Pharmaceuticals Companies

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  • Published : August 31, 2010
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Submitted by:

Group members:

Bangladesh University of Business & Technology

Date of submission:


Report supervisor
Md. Amdadul Haque
Asst. Professor
Department of Finance
Bangladesh University of Business & Technology (BUBT).

Subject: Submission of financial report of Renata Ltd. & Beximco Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Dear Sir

It is our pleasure to present the report on Managerial Finance. Which is done for partial fulfillment of the requirement of BBA degree. As measurement we are enthusiastic to you for giving us the opportunity to undergo such an experience. We have tried our level best to gather all the required information. Preparing this report we were so much concern about the gathered knowledge and necessary information collected from various sources as well as your instruction and guidelines.

We are sincerely hoped that this report will get your approval and its appraisal will highlight our ability to prepare a formal report.

Thank you.


We are expressing our sense of gratitude to the almighty Allah for giving us the effort to make the financial report about “Ratio analysis & Cross section analysis of RENATA Ltd. & BEXIMCO PHARMACUTICALS Ltd.”. We appreciate you taking the time to this preface again a better understanding of what’s in the report. We have completed a short course in Introduction to Finance. We have found it to be a comprehensive review of the broad subject matter including in Finance. We believe that the course & the course teacher sir MD. Amdadul Hoque contributed to our success. In this report every possible attempt has been made to collect necessary information to show the conditions of the Companies. Our supervisor MD. Amdadul Hoque supervised this report. His close supervision made it possible to prepare the report. We are so much grateful to him for his time, advice and guidance.


|Sl. NO. |Topic |Page No. | |00 |Executive Summary | | | |Part - 1 | | |01 |Introduction | | |02 |Significance of the study | | |03 |Scope of the report | | |04 |Objectives | | |05 |Methodology & Limitations | | | |Part - 2: Company Profile | | |06 |Company overview | | |07 |Corporate history | | |08 |Vision, Mission & Approach | | |09 |Financial Highlights | | |10 |Market overview | | |11 |Product range | | | |Part - 3: Performance...
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