Final Report on Quality Assurance of Teacher Training Programs

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Final Report on Quality Assurance of Teacher Training Programs

Conducted by Directorate of Staff Development Lahore, Punjab

Third Party Review and Assessment The World Bank, Islamabad

Prof. Mahmood H. Butt and Mr. Fawwad Shams Consultants
UNESCO Project 478/07

December 14, 2007

Table of Contents

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Topics/Section Tables of Figures Abbreviation and Acronyms Executive Summary Introduction Background a. Brief History of DSD and its Evolution b. Current Mandate and Organization of DSD c. Role of Provincial Institute of Education d. Government College of Elementary Teachers (GCETs) e. District Training and Support Centres (DTSCs) District Education Department (DED) and Implementation of CPD Punjab Teacher Education Policy Making and Implementation Continuous Professional Development framework a. Target Population of CPD b. Diagram of CPD Framework c. Training of Lead Teacher Educator (LTE) d. Cluster Teacher Support Centre (CTSC) e. District Teacher Educator (DTE) f. Basic Foundation Module of PSTs (BFM) CPD Framework and Implementation Review Report a. CPD Framework b. Implementation Review Report i DTE Training ii PSTs Training iii PSTs Classroom Teaching iv Recommendations Overall Recommendations a. District Implementation Level b. District Policy Level c. Provincial Implementation Level d. Provincial Policy Level Draft terms of reference Field Visit Report: June 14-18, 2007 Monitoring Form Field Visit Report: July 27-August 17, 2007 Field Visit Report: August 20-24, 2007 Field Visit Report: October 8-12, 2007 List of Individuals Interviewed List of key documents and Training Modules Reviewed

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Table of Figures

Figures Figure 1. Figure 2. Figure 3. Figure 4. Figure 5. The New DSD Structure as an Apex Body DSD Coordination with Major Stakeholders for Programme Development and Implementation Administrative Staff Structure of each DTSC Target Population CPD Framework and its constituent core components

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Abbreviation and Acronyms
AIOU BFM CPD CTSC DED DG(s) DoE DRC DSD DTE(s) DTEF ESP(s) EST GCET(s) HEC HRM HST(s) HT(s) ICT IEC INSET ITD LTE(s) M&E NGO(s) PD PEC PEF PER PESRP PMIU PST(s) PTB PTEF QA RoB RPM SC SST(s) TDP TDMIS TE(s) TEF TOT UOE VU Allama Iqbal Open University Basic Foundation Module Continuing Professional Development Cluster Training and Support Centre District Education Department District Government(s) Department of Education Departmental Review Committee Directorate of Staff Development District Teacher Educator(s) District Teacher Education Forum External Service Provider(s) Elementary School Teacher Government College(s) for Elementary Teachers Higher Education Commission Human Resource Management Higher Secondary Teacher(s) Head Teacher(s) Information and Communication Technology Information, Education and Communication In-Service Education and Training Institute for Teacher Development Lead Teacher Educator(s) Monitoring and Evaluation Non-Governmental Organization(s) Professional Development Punjab Examinations Commission Punjab Education Foundation Performance Evaluation Report Punjab Education Sector Reform Program Program Monitoring and Implementation Unit Primary School Teacher(s) Punjab Textbooks Board Punjab Teacher Education Forum Quality Assurance Rules of Business Regional Program Manager School Council Secondary School Teacher(s) Teacher Development Plan Teacher Development Management Information System Teacher Educator(s) Teacher Education Forum Training of Trainer University of Education Virtual University


Executive Summary
• This interim report in based on desk review of documents related to continuous professional development of PSTs provided by Directorate of Staff Development to the international consultant. The national...
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