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Preparing a project of this nature is an tedious task and I was fortunate enough to get support from a large number of person to whom I shall always remain grateful. I would like to express my gratitude and sincere thanks to my Project Guide (Mr. Priyank gupta), for instilling confidence in me to carry out this study and extending valuable guidance and encouragement from time to time, without which it would not have been possible to undertake and complete this project.

I also wish to extend my appreciation, specially to our director . Last but not the least to the people in libraries,who spread their time in giving their opinions and discussed things to my satisfaction. A bouquet of hearts i share with them.


This project i.e. “Consumer Awareness on TATA SKY” is purely focused on how tough awareness is going in the current market. Nowadays, more and more companies are coming up with their new DTH services to entertain the people in their life.

The introduction of the industry includes some vital detail about the history of DTH service. Soon after the beginning of the DTH service, in the opening only DD direct plus and Dish TV was successively doing their business but at the moment TATA SKY is also emerge as a DTH services provider..

The introduction of the company includes the details of the TATA SKY, its milestones, its new schemes and services etc…..

The objective of the project report is to conduct a survey to find out the awareness of the consumer or people towards Tata Sky.

I used the simple random sampling research design for the project as I tried to know the awareness of consumers while using the DTH service as their entertainment. I have collected primary data by filling questionnaire which have analyzed; tabulated and meaningful conclusion are drawn out of it.

The sample size used for conducting the field survey was ----- respondents. I will try my best in preparing this project report, still there may be some obstacles that comes in the way and stop me to 100% accurate result.

Analysis and findings includes tables and graphs which were followed by meaningful interpretation.

Conclusion of the project includes the expression expressed by various respondents from whom the data are collected.


DTH INDUSTRY – An Overview:

DTH services were first proposed in India in 1996. But they did not pass approval because there were concerns over national security and a cultural invasion. In 1997, the government even imposed a ban when the Rupert Murdoch-owned Indian Sky Broadcasting (ISkyB) was about to launch its DTH services in India.

Finally in 2000, DTH was allowed. The new policy required all operators to set up earth stations in India within 12 months of getting a license. DTH licenses in India cost $2.14 million and will be valid for 10 years. The companies offering DTH service will have to have an Indian chief and foreign equity has been capped at 49 per cent.

Today, broadcasters believe that the market is ripe for DTH. The prices of the dish and the set top box have come down significantly. Overall investments required in putting up a DTH Infrastructure has dropped and customers are also reaping the benefits of more attractive tariffs.

The major thing that DTH operators are betting on is that the service is coming at a time when the government is pushing for CAS (conditional access system), which will make cable television more expensive, narrowing the tariff gap between DTH and cable.

Some of the features of DTH service are as following:

* DTH offers better quality picture than Cable TV.

* DTH can reach remote areas where terrestrial transmission and cable TV have failed to penetrate.

* DTH has also allows for interactive TV services such as movie-on-demand, Internet access, video conferencing and e-mail.

* In DTH, the payments will be made directly by the subscriber to the satellite...
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