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It is our pleasure to present you, our proposal to help you make your current accounting system work more efficiently and effectively. Our company, WCG Sdn Bhd provides enterprises with accounting software to record and amend with ease. Our company, WCG Sdn Bhd, is founded in 1996 which has been in the software industry for more than 15 years, Within the years, our company received numerous awards and nominations such as best consumer award in 2008, 2nd place of annual best selling award in 2011 and best satisfactions awards in 2012 . These awards have increased our fame and popularity and helped us to be one of the leading companies in the industries which keep us motivated to develop better and user-friendly software. Over the years, our company has successfully developed a few software such as MYGB and AES which has been widely used by many corporate organisations especially educational institution. Our software has gained a lot of positive feedback from users. Clients find our software efficient in enhancing their work productivity and reducing clerical work. For example, MYGB software, one of our best sellers, which was released during the first quarter of 2012, within the time frame of 3 months manage to produce sales value of more than 200% as we expected, this was made possible solely because MYGB is naturally easy to operate and is provided at a reasonable price. Besides that, our company has decided to make inroads to develop and provide software which is suitable to most small and medium entity while maintaining to provide at reasonable price. Based on the information that we gather through observation and initial communication, we know that your accounting system has some major flawed occurred due to some collisions of policy and system. We found out that one of our company products, LLTT software is a comprehensive solution for your current accountancy problem. By using our computer accounting software, LLTT, it can provide your college (Advanced Tertiary College) with various benefits and solve your current accounting problem such as obtain better control of accounts to avoid fraud or error, increase office efficiency to reduce employee clerical work time and set quality control standards.

Background, problem, purpose
ATC college is formed at 1987…………… Based on our conversation, we know that Advanced Tertiary College (ATC) is recently having a semester intake and will have a lot of cash to account for and safeguard, therefore better accounting software would be needed to manage them systematically. Other than that, we know that your college has been receiving a lot of complaints from your students that they had been affected by your software system. A major problem has faced by a lot of students that they have paid the fees but yet college is still issued informed letter to them. Based to your problem, our College Accounting Software, LLTT can provides accounting solutions that supplement your general ledger system that can ensure you manage your college finances more systematically. The software automated improves the reporting process and supply additional information where easy for your college to make financial decision. As a reputable college, we are surprising to found that your college involved in a employee embezzlement case.We know that you are very concerned about how to recover the flaw accounting system as the case is causing a harm in both your financial and reputation .After some inspection, we found out that the culprit of the incidence is due to your college accounting software have a huge security gap to secure your financial data. This enable your staffs have a possible chance to commit fraud in performing the work. Therefore, LLTT software is able to provide an advanced and better security to protect your college’s financial data. Besides, it has more advanced fire wall system to prevent unauthorized user to access into the account or database. Therefore, we are...
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