Bermuda Export and Import: Business Strategy

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  • Published : July 18, 2011
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Q. 1 What are the challenges faces by the organization?

Answer: Bermuda Import & Export is a family owned business. It started in 1949 as an importer and exporter of miscellaneous items. At the beginning it deals with few products but now it deals a lot of products line. Now Bermuda import and export seafood, groceries, alcohol, dry and frozen goods, some dairy and meat. Bermuda has expanded its product line but at the same time there are some problems it has to face. First, company’s accounting and inventory control was running on a Real World SCO UNIX application. This was a text based package and was 8 years old which is update in 1998. Real World opens many individual data files and it needs a specific environment to run properly. This environment was not in Bermuda. As a result the program did not run successful. Second, Company’s managing inventory and accounting system used paper for printing the data. This printed data was only the way to analyze the data. So the process was so lengthy. If there need any correction it was not possible after printing. Another problem was of this system was that it did not gives data within few times. So analyzer has to wait for some minutes to get the data. Third, Bermuda was not able to run the report or to make queries directly from the database. Forth, the cost of reprinting was so high because company could not do any correction after the printing. Next problem was there were no historical data. So if anyone needs it did not get. At the same time Company used two systems one is Real World for Accounts Payable and another one is General Ledger and Counterpoint from Synchronics for inventory account receivable. Both system were time consuming and sometimes server had crashed a few times. Sixth, Bermuda did not has financial controller over two years. The company arranged a low cost accounting program for small business, with payroll functions, reports, analysis, program help, and transaction processing but it did...
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