Final Exam Hrdv 5700

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Final Exam HRDV 5700
Career Management Recommendation
1. Executive Summary
A brief summary of your recommendation and key points

2. Recommendation
I am recommending a restructuring of employee mentorship and incentive programs to increase employee morale and decrease turnover. a) Mandatory Employee Goal Statements
b) Upper Management Mentorship
* Twice a Quarter Upper Management team members will provide employees with Goal feedback and assessment * Twice a Quarter Mini Management Training Seminars c) Goal Completion Incentive Packages for Sales Team Members * Sales workers will receive predetermined incentives for meeting company sales goals d) Employee Commitment Bonus for Hourly Employees

* Predetermined completion incentives will be set to encourage superior employee practices. Ie 90 days of time arrival will earn you an extra hour of lunch breaks, which can be saved to total up to one full day off then the record, will restart. 3. Justification

This recommendation is being offered due employee evaluations that overwhelming viewed employer involvement in career management as almost non-existent. e) Employee Evaluations
* Employees were interviewed and asked a standard set of questions to determine their view on employee Career Management. 4. Background

f) History of the Issue:
* Blanks Family Paper Company: midsize paper company located in the Midwest. * Current Employee Career Management Practices: None * Current Rational: Work and Get Paid Only

Current Basis for hourly employees is work 40 hours and get paid for 40 with no incentives. Current incentive for sale worker: 8% of sales. With no sales incentives. g) Symptoms vs. Causes:

* Blanks Family Paper Company current increased turnover from 2010 to 2011, increase in HR Complaints, overall moral is all what have called a need for Employee Career Management standards. * Increased turnover, and decrease in sales have been the major sparks for change. * After interviews, employee surveys, and irrefutable turnover percentage have all been used to gauge this need for change. h) Cost Implications:

* Cost and Benefit Statement
* What are the annualized costs and benefits?
* Do the benefits outweigh the costs?
* What will be the impact on the HR budget?
i) Legal Implications:
* There are no foreseen legal implications. But all newly implement practices will be evaluated annually by an outside law firm to check for any discrepancies. j) Relationship Implications:

* The employees have voiced their concerns thoroughly and responding positively to all suggest forms of Career Management Reform. * Supervisors and Managers should be ready and willing to implement these changes. Implementations of the new changes will prove to be beneficial to all employees. Increased company moral is always a positive * These changes will have a positive effect on retention and recruiting. Employees will be willing to stay at a company who values more than the time on the clock but also the lives that are developing. Furthermore, increased company moral and proven healthy and positive Employee Career Management Program will be an huge selling point in company recruitment. It is a major seller of college graduates who desire a career and not just a job. * Outside critics should likely be impressed by our company’s new direction and involvement in the wellbeing of our employees. * Will it impact recruiting and retention.

k) Other company practices:
* Solutions for Boosting Moral According to a) Greenbacks are nice, of course, but barring those, Nelson discovered that most employees crave communication, involvement and autonomy. While a hearty pat on the back always feels...
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