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  • Published : April 16, 2013
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Final Exam Essay
Global Mamas is a social enterprise that offers unique apparel, accessories, and other products infused with the bright colors and prints of West African design. These products are handmade by women artisans living in Ghana. Global Mamas is recognized as an NGO by the Ghana government and a certified non-profit in the United States. Global Mamas addresses triple bottom line considerations through a commitment to economic, social, and ecological issues. Global Mamas directly increases the profits of women-owned businesses in Africa, building sustainable income opportunities and financial independence. The production and export of fair trade fashion products significantly increases the wages of the Global Mama African business women and generates new jobs. This subsequently improves the standard of living for the women, their family, and their larger community. The women of Global Mamas receive practical training in quality control, new product development, fair trade business management, computer management, bookkeeping and marketing through interns and volunteers. Today there are over 500 producers of Global Mama products in nine Ghana communities. Helping women to gain economic independence is one of the most effective ways to help build a prosperous society and reduce dependence on foreign aid. Global Mamas also considers environmental factors; Global Mamas produces recycled jewelry, bags, and woven rugs from recycled glass, fabric scraps, and wrappers. Regarding consumer outreach and media outlets, Global Mamas has a comprehensive website with extensive information and pictures of each product. On the website, consumers can also learn about the individual African artisans through a summary of their life and a photo. Global Mamas publishes quarterly newsletters featuring two stories, a specific artisan or business-woman, and a product. Global Mamas has participated in several trade shows including the Chicago trade show and the...
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