Final Destination 1

Topics: Final Destination, Line, English-language films Pages: 2 (633 words) Published: February 11, 2013
Final Destination 1
Once upon a time there was young lad that had a premonition about him and his friends dying on a plane. He convinced his friends not to board that flight and saved them from that accident. Alex and his senior French class are going on a trip to France in the spring. After boarding an airplane destined for Paris, Alex Browning, a high school student going on his senior trip has a premonition about the plane exploding after takeoff. Scared and freaked out, Alex tries to tell everyone about the explosion causing him to quarrel with a fellow student, Carter Horton which gets them both kicked off the plane. Along with them, Carter's girlfriend Terry who follows Carter, Alex's best friend Tod who gets off to make sure Alex is okay, Billy Hitchcock who was just in the wrong place at the wrong time, one of the faculty members Ms. Lewton, and Clear Rivers whose motive for leaving was just out of belief of what Alex saw. Soon after the plane takes off, the students watch as it explodes sending fear and curiosity into their hearts. Days later, Todd slips in his bathroom, and falls on a clothesline in his shower. His velocity causes the rope to wrap around his neck, and strangles him to death. After his body is discovered, everyone deems it a suicide. Alex thinks that Death is after them, since they survived the plane explosion. He figures out that they are meant to die in the order that they died on the plane. He calls Clear and they go to a cafe and talk about Alex's theory. While at the cafe, all the survivors reunite. But Carter and Alex start arguing. Terry, Carter's girlfriend, is enraged at Carter still holding a grudge against Alex. She walks off, only to be hit by a bus. Next on the list is Miss Lewton. She has a series of household accidents that ultimately leads to her computer blowing up in her face, a knife impaling her and her house exploding. The four remaining take off in a car only to have it stall on the railroad tracks. They all get...
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