Fantastic Voyage

Topics: Immune system, Blood, Innate immune system Pages: 3 (1223 words) Published: May 19, 2013
Fantastic Voyage
Jennifer Smith
HS130 -04
Unit #4 Assignment
Kaplan University
March 22, 2013

Hello everyone, this is Tanya I am about to take you on a very interesting voyage in to our patient Peggy Jones who is currently a healthy female of 35 years. I am going to need some help with getting me in to the sub and in to Peggy’s Femoral vein, to do this I need someone to put me through a process which is called miniaturization process that will make me only 8 microns long I will use a miniature sub and my assistant Chris will inject me in to Peggy’s femoral vein in which I will use as my thorough way to get to Peggy’s lungs and coming out through her nose. I need to do this because I was just informed of a bacterium invading the lungs of my patient Peggy. Here we go as Chris injects me in the femoral vein, which is considered to be one of the largest veins in the venal system and is located at the right of the thigh and runs close to the femoral artery. This vein returns blood in the leg to the heart via the iliac vein. Moving north we will pass through a structure that is called the inguinal ligament. This ligament forms like a band that runs from the anterior superior iliac spine to the pubis area of the spine. (Yahoo health 2012) The inguinal ligament serves as a base to the inguinal canal because hernias can easily form at that spot. Continuing to move up the vein we will pass through the external iliac which is formed with the common iliac on our way to the small intestines. Look really close and you should be able to see most of the colon. The veins of the common iliac are the vessels that bring the blood to the heart. The heart has two veins which are joined together and form the inferior vena cava. The function of the inferior vena cava is to bring de-oxygenated blood from the legs as well as any other lower regions to the right atrium. While we are here at the inferior vena cava let’s look around and see what it has to offer...
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