Final Aspect: Estimate of the Project Cost

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  • Published : May 3, 2011
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Estimate of the Project Cost
The resort business is a sole proprietorship it was own by Lito Arevalo, councilor of Muntinlupa City, he got the capital of 8 million from his legacy. Estimate Project Cost
Building (923.33 sqm)Php.6,000,000.00
Land (2,531.05 sqm)1,000,000.00
Report Equipment1,500,000.00
Licenses and other Pre-operating Exp.500,000.00
Total Project Cost;(8 years)
Promo Package:
1. Swimming Pool Area
Day EventPhp.8,500.00
Night Event10,000.00
2. Pavilion
Day EventPhp.7,500.00
Night Event9,000.00
3. Garden Venue
Day EventPhp.7,500.00+cottage
Night Event9,000.00+cottage
Other Amenities
1. Videoke RentalPhp.500.00
2. Tree House1,500.00
3. Pavilion Room (Living Room, Bathroom,
Fully Air-condition Bedroom with T.V3,000.00
Summary Assumption used in Project Financial Statement
`The estimate of project cost (capital required) in one day they collect 5,000 in 1 week they 35,000 every 1 month they collect 80,000. The Arevalo Ville resort was established on August 28, 2008, so the exact computation collected 960,000.00 for the whole year.

For the sales resort package in swimming pool areas on the day event sales are Php. 8,500.00 while on the night event the sales are Php. 10,000, the entrance for adults per heads are Php. 120.00 and for the kids Php 100.00, for the cottage rental it depends on the size they choose. In the small size (7-10 pax) the price is Php. 500.00 for the big size (14-20 pax) Php. 800.00. For the other amenities vedio rental is Php 500.00, tree house Php. 1,500.00 and for the pavilion room Php. 3,000.00. Garden venues on the event are Php. 7,500.00plus the cottage and for the night event Php. 9,000.00 with the complete materials and catering function. These are the product of the resort why estimating the capital required for the...
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