Filspin Company

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Filspin, Incorporated

Case Study

Standing still and the only surviving company under the textile industry in the Philippines is Filspin, Incorporated. Their inspiring success, operations and survival against other countries under the same business,  made it an interesting company to study and further researched on.  


Filspin , Incorporated, who’s being led by Asst. General Manager Lyndon Tan, is the largest integrated mill in the country. It offers a wide range of denim, twill and ripstop fabrics in stretch, non-stretch, flat and regular, indigo and twill dyeing, weights and weaves using Ring Spun, Open End and Structured Yarns in Cotton and Cotton Blends. With the advent of new trends in denim fashion, producing the highest world class quality fabric is Filspin’s constant aim. Quality and service are commitments given to customers.  Filspin complies with the internationally accepted testing and inspection procedures maintained by highly skilled quality control staff. Filspin also complies with the Four-Point Demerit System. Equipment for spinning, warping, dyeing, weaving and finishing are state of the art machinery and are from well known European suppliers such as Rieter, Schlaforst, Goller, Picanol, Somet and Monforts.

The company began its operations in 1988 founded by Executive Vice President Victor Ocampo Tan. It is the largest integrated mill in the Philippines. Since the beginning of its operations, Filspin Inc. has vowed to focus on doing its best to satisfy each customer’s demands. With the rapidly changing environment brought about by globalization, Filspin Inc. used its extensive resources to further develop and continually look for new fashion innovations and state-of-the-art facilities.

Filspin is the only textile manufacturer operating here in the Philippines. The company manufactured denims for small boutiques and stores located in Divisoria, Tutuban and other local markets. In the year 1995, the company experienced it’s first major threats due to rise of different small competitors ( i.e. Clover, International Denims). Due to the influence of globalization, in the year 2004 the company decided to shift in producing specialty items for international clients ( i.e. Jag, Lee, American Eagle ) and narrow down the production from 1 million units to 600,000 units. In the year 2007 Litton Mills, owned by Gokongwei, decided to shut down the business. After the closing of competitors of the company, Filspin is now the only remaining company left now to contend internationally instead of domestically.

Company Profile
Location : Valenzuela City, Philippines
Number of employees : 300 skilled employees
Capacity of production: Spinning – 33.6 M Metric Tons per year   Indigo Dyeing – 18 M  Yards  per year
  Weaving – 14.4 M Yards per year
                                    Finishing – 10.8 M Yards per year                                     Twill Dyeing – 12 M Yards per year Accreditation : CSC Global Inspection Recap
The 4 Point System
Company Organizational Chart
The organization structure of the company is presented above. As the company is a family business, no formal or strict line of authority is established. However, the top management is still present and is generally responsible for the overall business decisions. Moreover, there are department heads who are in charge of the operations of their respective departments.


Filspin, Inc. has no formal and established mission-vision statement. As according to them, they just pursue and aim to offer high quality products to their clients and remain as a supplier of cloth for international brands of clothing apparel and even expand their client base to other prestigious clothing brands. They also give importance to their relationships toward their suppliers and clients through loyalty, dedication and to the environment through proper waste management.   


Management style...
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