Marketing Report of Gul Ahmed Textile Mill

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(Marketing)29May 2008

Marketing Plan for Gul Ahmed Textile Mills Private (ltd)

Table of contents

Executive Summary5

Statement of Purpose9



2. The Analyses11

Gul Ahmed Textile Performance (History)11
Corporate Profile - Major Companies12
Corporate Profile - Business Activities12
Quality Policy13
Social Policy13
Environmental Policy14
Health and Safety Policy14
Sales review14

2.2 The Macro Environment (Pest)15

Economy & Production18
Economic Policy18
Foreign Trade19
Wages & Inflation20
Direct Investments21
Legal requirements22
Important requirements and Documentation22
Labeling and Marking Requirements23
Use of Chemicals26
Product Characteristics:27
Bed Linen27
Import Quotas28
Import and Export Licenses29
Rates of Duty on Household textiles in Denmark 29
Price Structure of Garments in Denmark30

2.3 The Demand31

Imports of Denmark Total35

2.4 The Supply /Competition36

Form of competition36
Key Competitors36
Inside Pakistan36
Outside Pakistan36
Lakhani Textile37
100 Years Vision:40
Competitors outside Pakistan42
Effect of increase in the oil prices44

2.5 Distribution44

3 Overall Evaluations46

3.1 SWOT-analyses46


4. Company Objectives49

4.1. Financial objectives49

4.2 Marketing Objectives in general50

Target Group Selection51
General Strategy51

5- Marketing Mix Strategies51

Product Strategy52
Pricing Strategy52
Distribution Strategy53
Promotional Strategy53

6-Action Program54

7 Time Schedule for Key Marketing Activities55

Quarter 156
Quarter 256
Quarter 357
Quarter 457

8 Risks58

Prerequisites for Plan58
Worst case scenario58

9 Follow Up59



Executive Summary

Gul Ahmed textile is one of the leading textile companies of Pakistan they are producing and exporting different kinds of textile products to different countries of the world. Company is looking for the new market in Denmark for two of its products Bed linen and Curtains. This document covers only the marketing plan for the Danish market for Gul Ahmed which includes internal and external analysis, competition detail economic review of Denmark and the requirements for the company and product .in the end final strategies, action plans and relevant marketing activities and the budgeting to enter into the Danish market. The name Gul Ahmed in the field of textile is very well-known in the subcontinent. In the early 1900’s they started trading in the field of textile and then by there experience and know how in the field of textile they have decided to enter in the field of manufacturing and Gul Ahmed Textile Mills Ltd. was incorporated as a private limited company, in the year 1953.this company is already exporting to Germany and the sales of the company in the last five years are as follows this company is basically doing its business B2B market. |2007 |2006 |2005 |2004 |2003 |2002 | |97.98 |81.02 |57.74 |65.38 |54.48 |56.39 |

Denmark is one of the countries not only in the EU but also in the world who have very good economy with the population of 5.4 million and the GDP of purchasing power $204.6 billion (2007 est.) and real growth rate 1.7% (2007 est.)with per capita $37,400 (2007 est.) and the Labor force 2.9 million (2007 est.) with unemployment rate 3.5% (2007 est.) and Household income or consumption by percentage share: lowest 10%: 2%,Highest 10%: 24% (2000 est.) and Exports and imports amounting $102.1 billion f.o.b. (2007 est.) $101.3 billion f.o.b. (2007 est.)...
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