Film Review for Jose Rizal

Topics: José Rizal, Love, Marriage Pages: 3 (821 words) Published: February 11, 2013
First Romance of Rizal was Segunda Katigbak a pretty fourteen-year old Batangueña from Lipa.In Rizals own words, she was rather short,with eyes that were eloquent and warm, rosy cheeked, with an enchanting and provocative smile that revealed very beautiful teeth and her entire self diffused a mysterious charm.

Unfortunately, his first love was engaged to be married to a town mate- Manuel Luz.
His second romance was Leonor Valenzuela who was a tall girl with a regal bearing. He send her love notes written in invisible ink.This ink consisted of common table salt and water. It left no trace on the paper .Rizal taught orang(pet name of Leonor Valenzuela) the secret of reading any note written in the invisible ink by heating it over a candle or lamp so that the words may appear .

But as with segunda, he stopped proposing marriage to Leonor.

Rizal’s next romance was with another Leonor-Leonor Rivera. Leonor born in Camiling, Tarlac on April 11,1867 was a delicate pretty girl, tender as a building flower with kindly wistful eyes. Unfortunately, Leonor’s mother disapproved of her daughter’s relationship with Rizal. She hid all the letters sent from Rizal.Leonor thought that rizal was already forget her so she marry the Englishman Henry Kipping.

Rizal’s fourth romance was Consuelo Ortiga y Perez, the prettier of Don Pablo’s daughters, fell in love with him.He was attracted by consuelos beauty and vivacity. He even composed a lovely poem dedicated to her entitled A la Senorita C.O. y P., which became one of his best poems. He expressed his admiration for her because he found comfort and joy in her company.

Unfortunately he suddenly backed out before the relationship turned into a serious romance, because he wanted to remain loyal to Leonor Rivera and he did not want to destroy his...
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