Rizal: Women and Love Interests

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  • Published : March 7, 2013
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Republic of the Philippines
Polytechnic University of the Philippines
College of Architecture and Fine Arts

Rizal’s Women and Love Interest

Aldeza, Jonah D.
BS-Architecture V-1

In May 1888 Rizal visited London for a short time, boarding the house of the Beckett family: Mr. & Mrs. Beckett, their two sons, and their four daughters. The eldest daughter was named Gertrude. The Artist's Right Hand

Gertrude was a buxom young lady with blue eyes and brown hair. She fell in love with Rizal and gave him all of her attention during the family picnics and gatherings. When Rizal stayed indoors during rainy days painting and sculpting, she helped him mix his colors and prepare his clay. Rizal enjoyed her company. Eventually their flirtatious friendship drifted towards a blossoming romance. He affectionately called her "Gettie," and in return she called him "Pettie." Leaving for a Higher Cause

Rizal withdrew before his relationship with Gettie could become more serious, realizing that he had a greater mission to fulfill and that in order to accomplish it he could not yield to the option of marrying her. He suppressed the yearnings of his heart and decided to leave so that the lady may forget him. Before he did, however, he finished a number of sculptural works, one of which was a carving of the heads of the Beckett sisters.

In 1891, Rizal took a vacation in Biarritz in order to find reprieve from his troubles in Madrid. He was a guest of the Boustead family in their winter residence, Villa Eliada. Mr. and Mrs. Boustead had two beautiful daughters, Adelina and Nellie. An Emotional Rebound

After having lamented his frustrated romance with Leonor Rivera on account of the lady's engagement to another man, Rizal came to develop considerable affection for Nellie, the prettier and younger daughter of Mr. Eduardo Boustead. He found her to be intelligent, morally upright, and...
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