Film Review for Bwakaw

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  • Published : September 18, 2012
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1. Summary of the film
The film is focused on the bond of a growing old man and his dog. Rene a man in his 70’s who is living in his own world, He is a gay man that does not accept his own identity until today, thinking that the world will not accept him for who he was and no one will love him in return. Wherein the only thing he anticipates is his own death that he even made his own will and entrust the list to the priest so that he can pass on his few possession. Everything that surrounds is a representation of death that he packed all of his belongings and labeled them ready for distribution. Anticipating his won death he even bought a coffin for himself five years back to ensure him that he would have a decent funeral. Bwakaw on the other hand is the Rene only companion that goes with him wherever he goes and he considers bwakaw as his best friend. One day Bwakaw was diagnosed with cancer and made him realize the importance of bwakaw to his life. In his journey in finding cure for her ailment he find a friend in Sol a trycicle driver that helped him bring bwakaw to a veterinarian’s clinic, and made him realize how beautiful life is. In the meantime, Bwakaws condition gets worse and he loses his faith even the Santo Entierro could not save her. When Bwakaw dies that made him live a little more and started to unpack his things and continue on with his life.

2. Identify the social issue in the film and explain how the film manifested the issue.
There are several issues that are shown in he film first is that the fear of rejection, Rene is a gay that even he himself could not accept his own identity until he was 70, trying to change himself to fit to the societies standards, by this it did not only affect his life but also Alicia’s life his long time girlfriend that did nt have the chance of marriage because of the love that they share for each other. Second is when our love ones seek different job opportunities abroad and leaving behind the people...
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