Blast from the Past

Topics: Personal life, Meaning of life, English-language films Pages: 1 (257 words) Published: January 31, 2013
The movie starts from a unique view point that a man, after living underground for thirty-five years since he’s born without contact with others except for his parents who thinks that the nuclear attack has ruined the city, comes out to buy life necessities and look for his love. What impresses me most is that living underground since he’s born, Adam can still have such a happy and positive attitude toward life. He receives good education from his parents, who teaches him to be kind, modest, and polite, as well as virtue and knowledge. Adam’s education shows him the most beautiful aspect of the world and the life. Thus, everyone in his eyes is kind and he treats others sincerely. His behavior and attitude toward the world seems to be strange for others, such as Eve, who at first is rude and impatient to Adam. It is because in Eve’s daily life, everyone comes near her holding a purpose. There is mistrust and hurt among people. Also, her life is in a mess without a goal and responsibility like everyone else and what she wants is just money to raise herself. However, later, Eve is moved by Adam, since Adam’s sincerity touched her and through Adam, I think she is awoken from her mess life and she finds the spiritual satisfaction. The movie creates a time gap of thirty-five years to show audience how people lived thirty-five years ago to remind people in nowadays of the simple life and happy attitude toward life.
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