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  • Published : April 21, 2013
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Lexie Mankin
Great Tales in Asian Art
Great Tales in Asian Art relates to our readings because we get to see visually these heroes and heroines that these cultures idolize. These heroes not just appear in daily life, but these heroes were also carried over to their religious beliefs. The filmmakers did a great job of composing four stories from India, Indonesia, Korea and Japan. They break the film up into four parts were they use the art masterpieces and performances inspired by these tales. The first, “The Ramayana,” tells the adventures of India’s legendary hero. Here we see Indian paintings, Indonesian sculpture and Japanese shadow play. In the second part, we see the “Korean Masked Dance Drama” in this part we see Monks pursue cortisones and servants outwit aristocrats. The third part is the story of “Gita Govinda,” which is a popular Indian poem that celebrates the life of a god and a mortal. In the film they interpreted “Gita Govinda” through painted images and dancers. In the last part we see the adventures of “Prince Genji” the story is told by Japanese women using paintings from scrolls and screens. All of these pieces help me get a better illustrations and in-depth look into their culture. I would give this film a 9 rating, because it just totally surprised me. From personal experience I hate art, I’ve been inside Houston’s Museum of Fine Arts and hear people say look at the depth of the artists stokes. I sit there going umm and just don’t get it. What I loved most about the film was the “Korean Masked Dance Drama” it was so strange but I just couldn’t stop watching. I loved the masks the actors use to portray such bold humor.
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