Movie Critique

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Movie Critique
ENG 225
February 18th, 2013

Film Critique
The movie Bruce Almighty starring Jim Carrey, Jennifer Aniston, Steve Carell and Morgan Freeman is considered a comedy, a drama and a fantasy movie in terms of genre but most prominently, a comedy. Bruce Almighty could be viewed several times and still be enjoyed. Bruce Almighty is a funny movie yet with the drama of a couple dealing with some issues is also explored. This movie is for everyone. The movie Bruce Almighty is directed by Tom Shadyac in 2003 and written by Steve Koren, Mark O’Keefe and Steve Oedekerk. ( The purpose of this paper is to deliver my own critique of the movie Bruce Almighty and present what I have learned throughout the course, Introduction to Film. The paper is going to analyze how the basic elements are organized to deliver certain implications. I will be using the formalist approach, including elements such as plot structure, mise en scène, camera techniques, editing and sound. The paper will include hidden meanings and messages the movie is infusing as well.

Bruce Almighty stars Jim Carrey as Bruce Nolan, Jennifer Aniston as Grace, (Bruce’s girlfriend) Steve Carell as Evan Baxter (Bruce’s co-worker) and Morgan Freeman is none other than God himself, always dressed in whimsical, head-to-toe white attire. The setting of this movie takes place in Buffalo, New York as Bruce Nolan is a local Eyewitness News TV reporter with dreams of being an anchorman rather than covering human interest stories around town. Bruce is up for consideration for the upcoming open position of anchorman, however, his co-worker Evan Baxter is also being considered for the position. Bruce is excited to do a live taping of 23rd anniversary of Niagra Falls' famous Maid of the Mist boat; he feels it is his big break and may put him in the position he desires. Unfortunately, just before the news team cuts to Bruce’s live coverage of the event, Evan Baxter is awarded the anchorman position. It is just too much for Bruce to handle and he has a meltdown right there on live television. Millions of viewers see Bruce at his worst moment, Bruce cannot even speak and when he does it is not good as he is cursing and all of a sudden he does not care whatsoever about the event. Of course, for an outburst of this severity, Bruce gets fired. Along with some other events going wrong Bruce just cannot take the string of bad luck and challenges God. Strange things begin to happen and Bruce is led to an empty building and God (Morgan Freeman) offers him the role to see if he can do any better. The only thing Bruce is not allowed to do is mess with people’s free will. These events are just the beginning of the storyline because once Bruce is given the power of God, the movie gets very interesting! The movie delivers a powerful message about God to people without being overbearing. The movie is light and funny and reminds us that there is someone up above.

The movie, Bruce Almighty demonstrates the problem with playing God. We are shown just what would happen if such powers were entrusted to a human, short-term goals tend to be valued higher than long-term improvement plans. Bruce answers all of the Buffalo’s prayers a yes. Bruce allowed several people to win the lottery and each of those people had to split the jackpot leaving each person with about $16. The prayers were of the selfish nature, money and better bodies; even Bruce was only thinking of himself and what the powers of God could do for him. Grace apparently prayed for a bigger bust as she woke up the next morning with much more on her plate, so to speak! Bruce has his dog trained, using the toilet just like a human being and even putting the toilet seat down afterwards. Bruce’s dog is even reading the newspaper, which is a cute use of special effects that had the audiences roaring with laughter. Bruce's did not wait in traffic in his brand new super sports-car; he simply directed...
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