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Topics: United States Senate, United States, Washington, D.C. Pages: 2 (624 words) Published: February 15, 2013
In the 1939 film Mr. Smith goes to Washington, directed by Frank Capra there is a strong corrupted depiction of the United States political system in the way that the Senate functions. There is evident character conflict, development, and interaction which is able to entice the audience and keep them guessing as to who will come out on top. The characters manipulate one another for personal gain and political gain which keeps the film moving, as well as helps the main character, Mr. Smith, grow, learn, and progress as a member of the senate.

The audience is taken on this journey with the main character Mr. Jefferson Smith , who is played by James Stewart. I thought his character was the most relatable because in the film he was experiencing everything about the US Senate for the first time. The majority of people do not truly know what it is like inside the United States political scene, therefore having a character in the film that was new allowed the audience to completely experience what Mr. Smith was experience as the film developed. This movie was well directed as all of the characters seemed to play their roles effortlessly. I believed the naivety of Mr. Smith's character in each scene and I thought that his character was developed the best. The contrast between Mr. Smith and Mr. Paine was almost night and day which allowed the audience to see the what people involved in political corruption were really like. Smith's character is eager to learn and completely fascinated by everything that is Washington D.C., but really doesn't think he belongs in politics as big as the Senate until he is told that he can pass a bill for something he greatly believes in.

Opposite of Mr. Smith are the other senators who are very experienced and believe the country should be run their way. They are the brick wall between Mr. Smith and his dream bill. Power is an important factor in this movie as each character seems to be in a battle to see who can have the most of...
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