Capitalism a Love Story

Topics: Franklin D. Roosevelt, Michael Moore, Democratic Party Pages: 1 (444 words) Published: April 24, 2013
Capitalism: A Love Story
Michael Moore A man that was brought up from a modest upbringing, Goes out in search of answers to whom is really in control of America. He travels to various areas like Manhattan and Washington to find these answers. Moore goes and converse’s with the everyday people of America to see what he could find and ask them how they really felt about Capitalism. This movie really shows who we are as a nation and why we do the things we do. When President Franklin D Roosevelt passes away before the introduction of the second bill of rights, America really goes crazy, especially all the politicians trying to benefit themselves by screwing over the less fortunate. He left insurance companies and banks with billions of dollars to spend how they please, and to also pay their employees without any conditions. With some politicians foreseeing Obama they try to pay him out by helping with his campaign and implicate him as a socialist because they knew Obama was trying to reverse all the rules they had originally imposed. A lot of Americans think that capitalism is the production and distribution of products and goods but when in reality it is just the rich looking to get richer even if it is at the expense of their fellow Americans. Moore also goes to multiple Christian churches to speak with the ministers and discovers that all of them think that capitalism was brought up from an evil place. The poor start to fight back and work together because they begin to see the atrocity which has unfolded right in front of them. 2. A conflict theorist would see how the poor get taxed more and get screwed over on their house bills while the rich get tax cuts and free money under the table to spend how they want and would say that there is a problem. 3. I think Moore made this movie to show the middle and lower class what is really going on and to open their eyes so that there can be a change in society and in the world. 4. if wall street capitalist were in...
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