Contemorary Capitalism

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2. Technology Evolution and Institutional Change Perspective Marx's natural history and its limitations.  Classical economics face the New Institutional Economics (Historical School) and Marxist theory "Opposite" was an accident. This understanding is one-sided and wrong. First, both the research object, the "opposition" is not true sense. Northrop solve a new ancient Code, the economics of organizations and institutions as established or external (exogenous variables), organizational and institutional factors summarized to the economic growth model. The reason for the change from 1600 to 1850 marine transportation productivity (October 1968) article in the "Journal of Political Economy “ major discovery. But in fact, Northrop "Success" or sensational effects theory in recent years, thanks to China's reform and opening up and the former Soviet Union, Eastern Europe, the disintegration of upheaval and reform. Marx is the process of development of human society as a whole, the research productivity and production shut. Department of the interaction between the economic base and the superstructure of the decisive role of the social development concerns of both It is not the same level of analysis. Second, different research methods. Marx takes the method of classical political economy, a concern the relationship between a country's economic development with social and political change, with particular emphasis on the progress of backward productive health relations of production revolutionary role. New Institutional Economics research methods, still based on Keynesian macro concept of a balanced analysis of economics as the main analytical tool (system equilibrium and non-equilibrium is institutional change one of the engines). It is an anti-neo-classical economics emerged, but its value judgments, new ancient code economics still its philosophical foundation; same is true of its analytical tools. Third, different research purposes. Revolutionary scientific theory.        Basic analysis of the logical framework: a country must focus on the technical environment (natural conditions), China The family ethos huge impact, attention to technical progress, changes of tissue formation and development of the same social system close relationship.  Specifically, geographical environment → food structure of the population in an area → technology evolution type, into the step-by-step mode and path (farming, nomadic hunting) → tissue → social system change.    Two specific key aspects: geographical environment and the key technology of the invention.    First, the geographical environment - the natural state of the northern and southern hemispheres.    Asian and European food structure, food culture and tissue formation (farming nation and nomads).    The super "history of China's" feudal "system and socio-economic changes are locked."    Two tragedies Cultural revolution, the intellectuals independence and socio-economic progress.        East and West two different ways:       Western: monks → intellectuals → science activities (loss of authority) → self-independent          (Occurrence of modern science, do not break the Christian tradition, but its rationalism relay          The continued - God supervision and order)    Oriental: Confucian scholar and imperial examination scholars → → self sacred (Confucian spirit of self-reproductions, Saint) → Imperial          With (kingliness)    Japanese cultural characteristics (cognitive) departure from the geographical environment - self-status and identity crisis. Case Study: How to understand China's history locked "?

"The Chinese Empire is a theocratic authoritarian countries. Patriarchal system of government is based on; led by Father pro, he also controls the personal thoughts. The tyrant led through many levels of an organization into a system Government. In spirit ...... personal personality China's history from the essence is not history; it just...
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