Topics: Watchmen, Sentence, Alan Moore Pages: 4 (1410 words) Published: February 26, 2013
Moore focuses on tying together people and events that occur in the American society. He ties the characters together in a way that magnifies America’s weak points and how it is influenced by many different realistic events that people create and the different people in society. Moore seems to create his characters with very “complex psychological profiles (New York Times Book Review),” that helps to create the view point of heroes, anti-heroes and villains. Moore created Rorschach to represent two main outlooks of the American society: madness and political craze. Rorschach represents civil courage and is made out to be a hero. His character represents the reality of taking the law into one's own hands; this is seen on his missions to find out who killed the Comedian and other missions that he gets involved in. For example in chapter two, “Absent Friends,” Rorschach went and talked to former Moloch and is seen almost breaking his arm to get information about the Comedians death on page 21, frames 1 through 3. Although he has the right intentions of getting information out of people and working to get to the bottom of murderers, child molesters, and rapists; he acts out in unreasonable ways. By being irrational when he is trying to reveal information, his intentions become misunderstood and is seen as a mean character. However, throughout the novel he opens up little by little to reveal small pieces of his identity and meaning. As shown in chapter 5 “Fearful Symmetry,” he systematically opens up his ink-blotted mask and expresses some of his feelings in his journal. In frame 3 on page 11, in chapter five he states in his journal that “Nobody knows who I am” as he is holding the mask in his hands. Creating an image that he only feels himself when he is behind his mask and that the true him is only when he is Rorschach and not his born identity of Walter Kovacs. Walter Kovacs was born into humiliation and went through a lot of trauma growing up, which...
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