Filipino Customs and Traits

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  • Published : December 16, 2012
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Filipino Customs and Traits
Every nationality has its own customs, traits, characteristics, values, attitudes, and beliefs that were inherited from their great ancestors. They have the possessions of uniqueness as a nation. Filipino people are one of the sole nations in the world. They have their own norms and manners. Until now, those traits are still alive and most of it is continuously transferring to the next generations. Filipinos are best well-known for being hospitable. One good example is whenever there is a visitor, it may be expected or unexpected, they really take such good care, give their full attention, and even serve foods for their visitors. Filipinos are also prominent for their close family ties. Filipinos are close to their families and relatives. They value a big family and they surely help a relative that is someone in need or who needs help. They always have a shoulder that can lean on especially during the hard times. In other countries, once an individual turns 18, it’s their responsibility to be independent and to stand on their own. On the other hand, Filipinos are totally opposite with them because of the close family ties. One concrete example is, almost the third generation of the family still lives on the same house together with the first and second generation. Another instance is, in every occasion, specifically Christmas, new year, birthdays, wedding celebrations, christening, anniversaries, etc., almost all the members of the family, or even the extended families and relatives are present on those occasions. And also, the parents work hard and sacrifice much for their children, in return, the children love and respect them and take good care of them in their old age. That’s how Filipino families are commonly defined. It is said to be that the Filipinos are clever, with retentive memory, rapid insight, and talents for arts and sciences. They are also known for being jolly. The Filipino nation loves to laugh. In every...
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