Case Analysis on "Silence Sacrifices"

Topics: United States, Philippines, Spain Pages: 3 (781 words) Published: January 15, 2013
Matriano, Danielle M. Dr. Aleli Sevilla

2001404058 11 January 13

A Case Study/Analysis of “Silence Sacrifices” by Danielle M. Matriano

The documentary, “Silence Sacrifices” is about how the Filipino immigrants in the United States cope with their lives in a different environment where culture, traditions, mores, and values are so different from what they were used to. In the documentary, the immigrant Filipino parents were asked to stay separate from their children (aged 18 and above) during the interview because the journalist wanted to hear both the children and the parent’s personal thoughts and opinions about the certain topic. The similarities in the responses of the parents interviewed are the following: they all worked a minimum of two jobs, they had trouble raising their children properly, they struggled to understand their children, and they struggled to fit in the society. The similarities in the responses of the children interviewed, on the other hand, were the following: the children had identity crises, the children have felt severe depression, and all of them have struggled fitting in society. Understanding the Struggles of Different Micro Groups/Families The Parents

The Filipino immigrant parents were all born in the Philippines. Moving to America made it so hard for them to fit in since the customs, traditions, and culture in America are so different from that of the Philippines. To add up to the fact that most of them do not have any time to spend with their children since they work a minimum of two jobs to be able to sustain the family’s needs, they were also having trouble raising them. This is because most of them tried to teach their kids Filipino values in a country that does not conform to some of these values. The values and traditions of these 2 different worlds clashed, which then resulted to the difficulty of their children to know who they really are. The Children...
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