Image of Filipino Women

Topics: Filipino people, Woman, Middle class Pages: 2 (410 words) Published: October 13, 2012
Image of Filipino Women

The majority of the selections we’ve read have women as their lead character. If not, they play a significant role with the male lead character. The authors of the selections used Filipino women in different ways but they have evidently conveyed different images of Filipino women.

Some showed how strong and weak a woman can possibly be when faced with problems, what she could and couldn’t do for herself just to keep and protect her loved ones. Like in Estrella Alfon’s Magnificence; she illustrated that Filipino women are tough when it is for her children; while Lumnay was very weak and couldn’t accept her husband’s marriage to another woman. .

Filipino women could stand and hold firm on her virtues and ideals. No matter what the consequences are, they stand for what is right. Sometimes they are mocked and insulted because of their ideals. But these women, like Miss Noel stood determined to continue what she has started and what she was fighting for. Esperanza is also a woman of virtue. She despises sleeping with a man to whom you’re not married.

Some Filipino women are very innocent when it comes to hardships, emotions or other things surrounding them. Majority of these women were born or they belonged to middle class family. They haven’t experienced difficulties while growing up. While some women are oblivious to difficulties and hardships, some are introduced to it a very young age. They sacrificed their happiness for the sake of their family and loved ones. They think of everything as they’re responsibility and it affects their way of thinking, their social life and even their marital life.

Filipino women are generous and very caring. They support their family through thick and thin. They will never let their family down especially when it comes to children. They are also very sweet and understanding, Filipinas are also very jealous, they are very possessive not only on the material things but also with their loved...
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