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Filipino Family Values
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All happy families resemble one another, but each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way. - Leo Tolstoy Values can be inculcated but are more enduring when caught. Values formation which is vital to the socialization skills of an individual can be developed and nurtured in the family, school and environment. Values may include obtaining knowledge, wisdom and necessary skills, using them in your home and living out the values you acquired within the family. The Filipino family has values that have been treasured and passed on for many generations already. These values are believed to be beneficial as it fulfill some of the basic needs of people.

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Here is the list of Filipino values which are traditional:
“Paggalang” – In English it means being respectful or giving due respect for a person. Filipinos are accustomed to using the words “po,” “opo,” and “ho” when they are conversing with older people or sometimes to people with higher position or status in the society. Using these words is customary in the Philippines and it shows sign of respect. Paggalang can also be given to the elders by virtue of kissing their hands before leaving and upon arrival. Younger member of the family gives due respect to older siblings by calling them kuya (older brother) or ate(older sister). “Pakikisama” or Getting along well with people – The yearning of the Filipinos to be accepted and well liked by his friends, colleagues, boss and even relatives steers them perform pakikisama. The word pakikisama means helping others. This trait usually fosters cooperation and doing good deeds which are favorable to other people. “Utang na Loob” or Debt of Gratitude –Usually a system of obligation, when applied it gives duty and responsibility on the part of the young siblings to serve and repay the favors done to them sooner or later. “Pagpapahalaga sa Pamilya”  or Putting importance to family - This implies that a person will put a high regards and concerns over the family before anything else. This is one of the reasons why a father or a mother in a Filipino family will seek employment abroad just to earn decent earnings for their family, to meet the family’s basic needs and want. “Hiya” or Shame – This controls the social behavior of Filipino. It is a value that makes a Filipino be obedient and be respectful to parents, older siblings and authorities. It is also a key ingredient to the loyalty of one’s family. Suggested Readings

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Family Problems?
Find resources and help for Filipino families
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