Fiji Water Case Study

Topics: Carbon dioxide, Drinking water, Greenhouse gas Pages: 8 (2668 words) Published: November 5, 2012
At FIJI Water, Corporate Social Responsibility is, and should be, a priority. Our company has gone to great lengths in order to identify areas of improvement, and then provide the necessary resources to make improvements. In attempts to reduce emissions we have evolved to new ways of running our business by reducing amounts of materials and energy used to produce FIJI Water. However, even with the current efforts to be more eco-friendly, more can be done. Switching to new fuel types, using a plastic that is less harmful to the environment, and using less of it.

The social policies we have set in place are hugely benefiting the Fijian people. Aiding our friends in Fiji during natural disasters, providing villages with clean drinking water, and setting up funds to help support the people of Fiji have proved to be successful in building our corporate image. Even though our building and strengthening of the local community seems to be enough, we must improve our standing with the Fijian government.

The recommendations we suggest will improve our corporate image. Switching to new fuel sources, reducing packaging materials, and other eco-friendly tactics will give our company a “green” aspect that will reduce pressure form critics. Improving our relations with Fijian government officials and giving more to improve Fiji will also help us deter critics and make FIJI Water a successful company and responsible organization.

Environmental Strengths

With CSR on our minds, it is good to address what we are already doing to give back to, and strengthen the environment. We are a company that has adopted “1% For the Planet.” With this movement we are giving one percent of our sales to organizations that are engaged in environmental causes.

In hopes of restoring Fiji, we have been active in planting 250 acres of new rain forest. We recognize Fiji’s natural habitat and landscape and we are making attempts to revitalize it. Not only is our focus on restoring the rain forest, our efforts in preserving Fiji’s Sovi Basin will largely benefit the local environment. Our partnership with Conservation International is helping to protect this 50,000-acre rain forest. By eliminating logging in the Sovi Basin, we are preventing 10 million metric tons of CO2 from being released into the atmosphere.

The “Energy Committee” receives the charge to implement new ways of decreasing energy usage. With the new lighting project in our plant, we have installed lighting that is 70% more efficient. Our bottling plant has adopted Six-Sigma manufacturing principles that help to eliminate waste. By setting Six-Sigma principles in place we have increased our bottle making and filling efficiencies by 15%. Improving these efficiencies has led to the reduction in manufacturing related emissions. Also, LEED-certified designers construct all our corporate offices. These designers specialize in eco-friendly and sustainable structures.

Environmental Weaknesses

Because of our duty to corporate social responsibility, we need to look at criticism as ways to improve. The harshest criticism we received have all been in accordance to environmental damage from our production process. Because our product reflects the lifestyle of the environmental conscious, more is required from us than others. Our weakness is that our production, transportation included, actually hurts the environment that we must protect. Weaknesses that have been pointed out are: Extensive transportations trips of 5,500 miles, 46 million gallons of fossil fuels used, 1.3 million gallons of water, 216,000,000 pounds of greenhouse gases emitted, and plastic containers. When compared to many companies these numbers are actually low, however, do to our “every drop is clean” campaign, we have come under scrutiny for these facts. These large amounts of contaminated substances are clearly not helping the environment and are an obvious weakness for us.

With our selling point of...
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